George Zimmerman apologizes in interview with Sean Hannity

George Zimmerman, left, his attorney Mark O'Mara and show host Sean Hannity are seen during their interview on Fox News. (Courtesy of Fox News Channel's 'Hannity')

Zimmerman said he always carried a 9mm handgun, for which he had a concealed weapons permit, except when he went to work.

He was not expected to provide details to Hannity about the shooting, but ended up giving a blow by blow account, essentially the same one he gave Sanford police in a video re-enactment the day after the shooting.

He was driving to Target to buy groceries when he spotted Trayvon, he said, and grew suspicious because it was raining and the teenager was making no obvious attempt to get out of the rain and was in someone's yard - not on a sidewalk.

Moments later when they came face to face, Trayvon asked, "What's your problem," he told Hannity, then knocked Zimmerman to the ground with a single punch that broke his nose.

Zimmerman said he thought he was going to die when Trayvon "was slamming my head into the concrete and I thought I'd lose consciousness."

Viewers of the broadcast flooded Twitter to react to the interview.

"In Hannity interview Zimmerman really said he would change nothing about that night," wrote one tweeter, a grandfather from southern California. "That speaks volumes."

In a text message to the Orlando Sentinel, family attorney Benjamin Crump provided Trayvon's father's reaction to the interview.

"We must worship a different God because there is no way MY God would have wanted G. Zimmerman to KILL my teenage son."

Zimmerman is free on $1 million bail, living at a hidden location in Seminole County as he awaits trial.