Virginia Gazette Last Word for March 25: Proposed tax increase; Savannah to-do list; Stay off the grass!

Does anyone know...

"I am Looking for someone who has knowledge of old books, children's to adult. Among them is a Donald Duck book dated 1935, Rin Tin Tin more."

"To the lady who has boxes of stuff: the Chickahominy Ruritan Club is collecting item for its annual yard sale April 18. We would be glad to pick up your boxes (excluding clothing and televisions). Send your contact info to or call 757-585-6529."

"In response to the request information about a wonderful roofer, he is Franklin Adams (757 784-4081). We highly recommend him."

"Moving boxes needed. Please call 757-644-7613."

"I know a very kind woman who has taken in a troubled teen and needs a bed for the girl. There's not much money in the house, so the woman has called the thrift stores and the churches, but to no avail. If anyone has a twin bed to donate, please call 566-0869 before 9 p.m."

"If anyone has any use for empty, blue wine bottles, please say so in the Last Word. I have about 15 of them, that were meant for craft projects that were never completed."

"I noticed someone who contacted the Last Word was looking for a handwriting analyst. You can have them call Ann Rogers, and the number is 757-221-8363. I'm a certified graphical analyst."

"Does anyone have a desktop computer or a laptop to donate because my daughter really needs one for school, and I can't afford one. Could you give me a call at 757-250-3865?"

"Looking for a mechanic to put an engine in my 1999 Honda. I have the engine. I just need a mechanic."

"Does anyone know where I can get the top of a wine bottle cut off?"

"I sent a question to the WJC Schools superintendent two weeks ago through his online "let's talk" forum. I have yet to hear back from him. I provided my name and email. Has anyone actually received an answer to their question using this forum?"

"Bri Jenney is no longer at Cindy's Classic Cuts but you can find her on Facebook."

"The person looking for someone to repair their walls and ceilings should call Kevin at 757-345-0392. He did a wonderful job for us. He was prompt, meticulous with the job and cleaned up after himself and his prices were very reasonable."

"For the person who inquired about disposing of a laptop battery, household chemicals, paint, motor oil, etc., the county holds several collection events throughout the year for this purpose. The next one is April 11 at Warhill High School, 8 a.m.-noon. for more details."

"I'm trying to get in touch with the property manager for Yorktown Village in Yorktown. If anybody knows the phone number, I'd appreciate it. My number is 229-5071."

"Last spring a Scout group sold garden plants that were picked up at Tractor Supply in May. Does anyone know if they are doing that again this year? The plants were so healthy and so reasonably priced; I'd like to support their effort."

"Three Bruton High School students are looking for donations and sponsors for funding their upcoming trip to the International Career Development Conference. For more information on these students and their achievement please visit :"

"Someone recently asked the whereabouts of Katie, formerly at Duke's Barbershop. She is now located in the strip mall where New York Deli is located."

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