More doughnuts, and other 2013 office resolutions

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 New Year, new workplace resolutions

What's every workplace need in the new year? More doughnuts, for one! (Michael Zajakowski, Chicago Tribune file photo)

"Make your seek/tell ratio at least 3-to-1, whether you're a leader or a team member," Weaver said.

I generally hate buzzwords, but "seek/tell ratio" is something I can get on board with because it's a reminder that it never hurts to shut up and listen.

I'll wrap up with a wonderful resolution from Anthony Cawdron, who teaches business etiquette and advanced service courses in Purdue University's hospitality and tourism management department.

"Bring back general courtesies."

"Really, it's little things like holding doors open for people and being aware of others around us," Cawdron said. "Be more aware of people and try to be more inclusive. Remember that a smile can make a huge difference. Thank people. If you've got some station in the office and somebody has done something nice to you, send them a note. Even a few lines in an email, rather than just saying, 'Oh, yeah, thanks' and zooming on. If you pass someone in the hallway and say, 'Hi, how are you?' don't just walk on before they even have a chance to respond."

These seem obvious, but ask yourself: How often have you ignored these common courtesies at work?

I bang the drum of niceness regularly in this column. Maybe that's why Cawdron's resolution rings so true to me.

I'll try to abide by it, and hope others will as well. Perhaps then there will be more to bring us workplace happiness than just that doughnut.

Happy New Year.

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