AbbVie CEO Gonzales loses Shire, but wins praise for gutsy move

U.S. risks trade sanctions in WTO meat label dispute

AbbVie says $55 billion acquisition of Shire officially dead

IBM ditches 2015 operating EPS target, shares slump 7 percent

Apple's iPhone sales beat Street but iPad volumes slide

Russia ruled out as culprit in Chase cyber security breach, U.S. officials say

China-backed hackers may have infiltrated Apple's iCloud: blog

Syngenta lawsuit against Bunge over GMO corn revived on appeal

IBM struggles to reinvent itself in an age of cloud

Facebook sues lawyers for pursuing dubious Ceglia lawsuit

New Microsoft CEO pay tops $80 million with big stock awards

Amaya Gaming to explore sale of Cadillac Jack subsidiary

Business columnists

Melissa Harris

Melissa Harris

George Lucas lays out vision for his museum - October 17, 2014 - Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson is the reason the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will rise in her hometown...

Groupon's Leonsis sits with Trib's Melissa Harris - October 15, 2014 - Ted Leonsis, the former senior AOL executive-turned-sports-team-owner/tech investor/dabbler in whatever interests him,...

Rex Huppke

Rex Huppke

Here's a tip: Stop giving your workers holiday behavior tips - October 10, 2014 - From now until the end of the year, other dispensers of workplace advice will bombard you with monumentally stupid tips on how to behave...

Keep your edge at work with 'rookie smarts' - October 3, 2014 - Great news for people who have no idea what they're doing at work: Your cluelessness may be giving you a competitive advantage.

Gregory Karp

Gregory Karp

How single people can save on food expenses - October 17, 2014 - Single people, who now make up the majority of American adults, often have spending and saving concerns that differ from those of...

Working through phone warranty options - October 2, 2014 - When it comes to insurance products, extended warranties are the black sheep of the family, regularly derided by consumer advocates as...

Gail MarksJarvis

Gail MarksJarvis

Weathering a stock market correction - October 20, 2014 - Q: I've been planning to invest a large amount of money in a Vanguard index fund. Just when I was ready to fill out the forms the Dow...

Dow closes down 173 points, not nearly as bad as the 400 earlier - October 15, 2014 - Investors continued to run for safety Wednesday, driving the Dow Jones industrial average down another 173 points, to 16,141. But it could...


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