KING WILLIAM – On October 20, the King William County Historical Society will meet at the Administrative Building in King William County and the guest speaker will be Mr. Jim Harris, the son of the late Dr. Malcolm Harris.

Dr. Harris spent many years researching the seven parishes of old New Kent County and wrote not only about the homes that were built within those parishes, but he also wrote about the families that built them. Mr. Harris has followed in his father's footsteps and has just finished walking the paths of the Revolutionary soldiers.

He is a wealth of information about New Kent, King and Queen, and King William. He recently discovered new facts about the history of King William. He believes he may have been the first to uncover this information. The events occurred when King William was still part of New Kent County and the story is something that everyone is familiar with today!

Are you curious yet? We will all have to wait until Sunday, Oct. 20th at 2:30.