HHMS art students create HERO poster


KING WILLIAM – In support of the school's anti-bullying campaign entitled HERO (Help Everyone by Reaching Out), all art students (295 total) created an anti-bullying poster. Before students began the creative process, they were introduced to the art work of artist/activist Keith Haring.

Haring's work supported social causes like anti-smoking, anti-war and anti-drugs. Students were asked to be an artist and activist like Keith Haring in order to spread the word about the negative impact of bullying.

"Why do people bully? It doesn't make you cool," says Lydia Bickford, a 7th grade Art student. "When someone bullies you, doesn't it make you sad, or angry? It's not something that we like here. Let's make a difference today! Don't be a bully, be a friend!"

Students were encouraged to develop an eye-catching design with a title and imagery. All posters were later displayed throughout the hallways of HHMS.