Spin-a-copters take flight in AES classrooms

By: Lindsey Harper, Fourth grade teacher


KING WILLIAM – Fourth grade students at Acquinton Elementary School are making the scientific method come to life in class. Students have been studying the components of the scientific method, which include the problem or question, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results, and conclusion. Fourth graders have conducted many experiments already this school year; however, the spin-a-copter experiment was by far the favorite of the group.

The students had to create a spin-a-copter from a diagram that was drawn for them. Before heading to the launch pad, students had to make a hypothesis on whether they thought the copter would fly down, similar to a helicopter landing. A few trials were done so students could make observations. There was a twist on the experiment when the students had to add a paper clip to the bottom and hypothesize what the difference would be in the spin-a-copter's landing. Following the experiment, students and teachers discussed the difference in the two landings and why they thought that occurred.

Acquinton is fortunate to have such scientific minds in the fourth grade because students were asking more questions about what would happen if more weight was added to the bottom of the copter. Students were excited to take their spin-a-copter home to show their parents and also put some of their additional questions to the test. We look forward to the continued excitement as we take a hands-on approach to learning throughout the year in science.