WEST POINT — The regular meeting of the West Point Ruritan Club was held at Nick's Restaurant in Shacklefords on Nov. 11.. President John Crowder opened with a brief business meeting. The program was given by Larry Price of Wood Products Developers of Waverly. Wood pellets as an energy source are increasing in popularity, especially in Europe. Price's company produces pellets for export, principally to Italy, where the majority of homes are heated with wood pellets, and they are a primary source of fuel for cooking as well.

The raw material for the pellets consists of wood waste from other manufactures, and comes in the form of wood chips, similar to those used for manufacture of paper. Pine is the principle wood used, although hard woods may also be used. The pellets are used as a "green" energy source since their carbon output is neutral; they produce carbon dioxide in an equal amount to that consumed by the growing trees. Ash is minimal and since the water content of the pellet is only 7%, energy produced is very efficient.

The Ruritan Club is a community service organization and is looking for new members. Anyone interested in the West Point Ruritans is invited to contact Richard Hosfield at 843-3164, or any other club member.