KING WILLIAM – The King William Republican Party will hold its October 17 meeting at the King William Administration Building at 7 p.m.

Bret Schardein, Director of Community Development/Zoning Administrator for King William County, will speak, giving a brief overview of his duties, the county's economic plans, and introduce himself to the community. The Community Development Department, includes: GIS/mapping, environmental compliance, and building, planning, zoning, and related services. This department is responsible for long range planning for land use and transportation and for reviewing and updating teh County's Comprehensive Plan.

Mike Broz, of Nestle Purina, will also speak, giving a brief presentation of the expansion of the King William plant and future plans. Mike was very instrumental in getting the natural gas lines to the Nestle plant.

These gentlemen, if they wish, may be available for questions after their presentations (no political policies will be discussed).

After these speakers, the King William Republican Party will hold its usual business meeting. A warm welcome and invite are open to everyone to attend.