KING & QUEEN - August marked the first full year for the Edgehill Alumni Association. During that time, the association has been busy fulfilling its mission statement,"to promote a strong relationship between the alumni and the local school system in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement and philanthropic committment to King & Queen County Schools, library, and related education organizations."

Edge Hill was in operation from 1937-1963. Currently, Edgehill Alumni Association has 42 members.

•Some endeavors over the past year have included:

•A vendor space for the sale of baked goods when Club 181 sponsored an outdoor blues show.

•A bake sale at Walkerton Scott's Store on Mother's Day.

•A bake sale at Central High on Community Pride Day.

•The donation of school and clinic supplies to the three schools in King & Queen County.

•Landscaping, painting, mulching, planting and spreading gravel at the three schools in King & Queen County.

•The donation of flash drives to the King & Queen library.

The highlight of the year was a reunion, held on June 13, with 75 people in attendance.

Thelma Banks, Thelma Gardner and Abigail Collins, students from 1937, were present. Reitha Brooks O'Neal and Bernice Townes, former students, were soloists for the evening. Jack Gravely, former state director, VA NAACP, veteran broadcaster, over 15 years experience, was the key speaker.

The night ended with dancing to the tunes of yesterday. Avery Muse participated as the DJ. It was quite an event.

The Edgehill Alumni Association has t-shirts, cups, and pens for sale, and plans on participating in Community Pride Day with a bake sale consisting of pies, cakes, cookies, etc.

The community is invited to join as an alumni or friend of Edgehill Alumni.

The 2013 leaders:

—President: Joseph Jones

—Vice President: Abigail Collins

—Secretary: James Taylor

—Chaplain: William S. Braxton

—Historian: Nanni Banks Taylor