Rick Steves in the Middle East

Welcome to the Holy Land

Rick Steves

11:27 PM EDT, April 30, 2013


This April I’m dividing my time between Egypt, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Turkey. To many, Israel represents a beacon of democracy, stability, and prosperity in the middle of a bunch of very troubled states. (Having just come from Egypt, I can certainly understand that.) Of course it’s the Holy Land–three great religions share some of Israel’s most sacred spots. And that means it’s the center of a complex political puzzle, and full of great travel experiences. I’m spending about a week here to scout for an upcoming TV episode and I’m in the hands of fine local guides provided by the very supportive Israel Ministry of Tourism. For the next week I’ll be sharing a couple of posts a day. Please share this with your friends who may be interested. I hope you enjoy my reporting.