Seniors on the Go: Visiting a city? Get a transit pass

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Light rail and bus: Base fare $2.50, $1 senior. Unlimited passes one-day $5, $2 for seniors; seven-day, $26 regular, $7 senior. Both are good deals.

San Diego (

Light rail, bus. Base fare: $2.50 for rail, $2.25 for bus; senior half price. Unlimited passes one-day $5, two-day $9, three-day $12, four-day $15, one-day, including heavy rail, $13. Mostly good deals.

San Francisco (,,

Light rail, bus: Base fare $2, $0.75 senior. Cable car $6. Unlimited passes, including cable car, one-day $14, three-day $22, seven-day $28; good deals if you want to ride cable cars.

Regional rail: Fares based on distance. Bart, seniors 62.5 percent off, CalTrain, seniors pay half price, day pass double one-way fare.

Seattle (

Light rail, bus: Base fare $2 to $2.80, depending on distance; $0.75 for seniors requires ID issued in advance or online. Day passes cost twice one-way fares good for moving around town.

Washington (

Subway: Regular fares based on distance and peak/off-peak times, pay $1 per ride extra without pre-issued SmarTrip card. Bus base fare $1.60 with SmarTrip $1.80 without. Senior discounts roughly 50 percent off require Senior SmarTrip card issued in advance at a few stations or online.


Also worth noting: Although not on the TripAdvisor list, in Philadelphia, seniors travel free on subway, light rail, and bus and for $1 per ride on regional rail within Pennsylvania. For other cities, Google "city public transit" for details.

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