Suzy is a graduate of the University of Florida and have been a licensed pharmacist for nearly 20 years. People call her "America's Most ...

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Suzy Cohen

Suzy Cohen

Dear Pharmacist

Healing depression takes time

Healing depression takes time

November 17, 2014

Dear Readers: There are natural alternatives to antidepressants that you may want to consider. If you have severe depression, it's ideal to get information and/or track your progress. Here's how:

  • Delicious spices with added health benefits

    November 10, 2014

    Dear Readers: I'm one of those cooks who combine whatever I find in the fridge or pantry without a plan. I'll throw spices and foods together like a mad scientist. Recently, I went to my first cooking class on the secrets of Indian cuisine at Sur La Table.

  • Dealing with joint pain, stiffness

    November 5, 2014

    Dear Readers: Joint stiffness and pain are no laughing matter. About 52.5 million adults in the United States were told by their doctor that they have some form of arthritis, whether it is rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia.

  • Schizandra is my new favorite supplement

    October 21, 2014

    Dear Readers: I cannot tell you how frequently people write to me saying they are tired and frustrated with ineffective medicine. I believe adrenal exhaustion is at the root of pretty much everyone's misery, and there isn't a drug that nurtures your precious adrenal glands. If you cry easily, have a short fuse, or people call you "cranky," then you might have insufficient adrenal function. We live in such a fast-paced world with too much stress, too many emails and too many perceived obligations — it's easy to burn your adrenals out.

  • Get the full picture on vitamin D

    October 16, 2014

    Dear Readers: Vitamin D is good for more than preventing rickets. This time of year, it also helps with depression and immune function.

  • Suzy Cohen: How pills, plastic affect your health

    October 11, 2014

    Dear Readers: Drinking from plastic water bottles or taking the pill can cause hypothyroidism by raising your body's levels of estrogen hormone. The same can be said about menopause drugs.

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