Crystal Cruise Walk-On-Water program

Crystal Cruise Walk-On-Water program (Crystal Cruises)

Route: It takes various routes through the Caribbean depending on the date.

Fitness perk: When this ship debuts in March, it'll be all about the cutting-edge fitness classes. Sweat away the dessert cart in a black-light spinning class. The room will be lit by black lights and neon graffiti art, and the class will be accompanied by club music to get your adrenaline racing. Or try Chi Balls, a group class inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. It combines elements of yoga, tai chi and meditation. If your legs need some toning, you can get the best trainers available: the actual Rockettes. The Rockettes class can help you trade your sea legs for dancer's legs. Two Rockettes will teach the class on the first six sailings, followed by the first sailing of each month.

Weighted walks

Cruise line: Crystal Cruises

Ship: Offered on all ships

Route: They take various routes throughout the world depending on the date, including a global cruise and a transoceanic cruise.

Fitness perk: Check out a complimentary walk vest, which is a cotton vest filled with weights. It also has a core conditioning belt around the waist that you can tighten for abdominal conditioning and lower-back support. Load the vest with 2 to 16 pounds of weight (most people start with 4 pounds on their first walk). Wear it and take a few laps around the ship, or pop it on for the treadmill.


Cruise line: Royal Caribbean International

Ship: Oasis of the Seas

Route: It takes various routes through the Caribbean depending on the date.

Fitness perk: There's a free 120-foot-long zip-line available on board. You'll be suspended nine decks in the air — and you'll race across the boardwalk Superman-style, going about 12 mph. The zip-line is available for guests who are at least 52 inches tall and weigh less than 275 pounds.

Boxing, surfing

Cruise line: Royal Caribbean International

Ships: Freedom of the Seas, Liberty of the Seas and Independence of the Seas

Route: These ships have multiple routes and cruise lengths depending on the date.

Fitness perk: It's time for fight club. For a fee, you can take boxing lessons onboard in a full-size ring. Once you're finished, cool off on the FlowRider (also available on the Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas ships). They have a 40-foot-long surf simulator. Try out your talent and work nearly ever muscle in your body.

Ropes course

Cruise line: Carnival Cruise Lines

Ship: Carnival Magic

Route: It takes various routes through the Caribbean depending on the date.

Fitness perk: Calling all Spider-Man fans. When this ship sets sail starting May 1, you can crawl across nets 150 feet above the sea on the first ropes course on a cruise. You'll strap on a safety harness and traverse beams, rope bridges and swinging steps. Don't worry if you're still learning the ropes. They have beginner and intermediate courses.