What's new at Orlando attractions: Medieval Times and Wet 'n Wild

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New show at Medieval Times

The new Medieval Times show debuts at the Kissimmee castle in June, but the same show already has begun its run in California. (Medieval Times)

Two longtime Central Florida attractions are undergoing noticeable changes in the next few weeks.

The New Medieval

Medieval Times, the dinner show that brings the 11th century into Kissimmee, is changing its story line and stunts for the first time since 2007.

The prince character, introduced five years ago, will no longer be included when the new show premieres June 26, although a king and princess are still primary players. Among the additions are a "herald from the North," says David Graham, cast-roles manager.

The herald comes bearing gifts, a horse that's well-received until King Carlos realizes it's meant to be a swap for his daughter's hand in marriage to a king from up north who wants to merge kingdoms. The king looks this gift horse in the mouth and doesn't go for the deal, which I suspect is dang enlightened for an 11th century monarch.

"It's a more modern story," Graham says, "She's allowed to choose her own hand in marriage."

This development leads to competitions among the assembled knights, which appear in the form of new stunts and a new on-horseback racing game.

Not gone: Medieval Times' trademark, jousting and sword fighting, which are "the meat and the potatoes of our show," Graham says.

There will be some changes to the menu, Graham says, including a larger portion of ribs, a new pastry, a different style of bread and the herb-roasted potato will be sliced into smaller, easier to handle pieces. (Remember, Medieval Times is a utensil-free zone, just like way back in the day.)

The new show is being rolled out to the nine castles across the country. The show occasionally changes to keep things fresh.

"We do get quite a bit of repeat customers," Graham says. "There's not too many places where you go to see people joust, where people call you 'my lord.'"

Bottom line: Medieval Times, 4510 W. U.S. Highway 192, Kissimmee; $59.95 ($35.95 ages 3-12). Call 1-888-935-6878.

It's a moat point

A new water playground called Blastaway Beach will join the lineup at Wet 'n Wild, the water park on Orlando's International Drive, early next month.

The new attraction is replacing a kiddie area near the front of the park. Although Blastaway certainly will be kid-friendly, the park is building it with all ages in mind, says Chris Martin, director of marketing and sales.

"Previously, adults couldn't go down all the slides in the kids park, and now parents of kids will be able to go down the slides," he says.

The new attraction will resemble a giant sand castle, and it will sport more than 150 water cannons, soakers, misters and the standard dumping bucket plus two pools and 15 slides.

"Obviously, there will be things that are more appealing to the little ones, but there will also be some bigger slides off the same structure," Martin says.

The area will have only one entrance, which will help parents keep track of their little ones.

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