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Who's that talking to Donald Duck?

This quiz answers the musical question: "Who's that talking to Donald Duck?" (Walt Disney Co. / March 27, 2014)

Clue: All around (a fictional) town.

9. "You are not the first to pass this way. Nor shall you be the last."

Clue: You might be "Frozen."

"Time, the ever-flowing river. Come with us now to the time before man, when the river flowed from the newborn world, and giants walked the Earth."

Clue: They made a splash, then disappeared.

11. "There is just one moon and one golden sun, and a smile means friendship to everyone."

Clue: It's all in your head, after all.

12. "I guess that wraps things up. You guys did all right. But don't give up your day job. Say cheese! See you later."

Clue: Photographer by day, web master by night.


1. Narrator's introduction, "Beauty and the Beast — Live on Stage," Disney's Hollywood Studios.

2. Mickey Mouse in Mickey's PhilharMagic, Magic Kingdom.

3. Introduction, Disney Festival of Fantasy parade, Magic Kingdom.

4. Megatron, Transformers: the Ride – 3D, Universal Studios.

5. Pre-show narrator, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin, SeaWorld Orlando.

6. Gary Sinise in video for Mission Space, Epcot.

7. Ellen DeGeneres in Ellen's Energy Adventure, Epcot.

8. Kang & Kodos' Twirl 'n' Hurl, Universal Studios.

9. Narrator, Maelstrom ride at Norway, Epcot.

10. Narrator, Jurassic Park River Adventure, Islands of Adventure.

11. Lyric from "It's a Small World," Magic Kingdom.

12. Spider-Man, dangling near the end of Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Islands of Adventure.

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