Quotations quiz: Who said that at the theme parks?

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Spider-Man ride

Spider-Man gets his point across during a scene of the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride at Islands of Adventure. (Universal Orlando)

Clue: Easy as ABC.

8. "Silence! Infidels! You infect my world with your presence. Turn the others into trash cans. And for him, 100 years of torture in my deepest dungeon."

Clue: Hand her (another) Oscar!

9. "No, Celine Dion is not here!"

Clue: Please rise for the national anthem.

10. "You haven't seen a dragon, have you?"

Clue: It doesn't sweep into the picture, but others do.

11. "C'mon everybody. Here we goooooooo!"

Clue: London's calling, but it's not Matt Lauer.

12. "We wants the redhead! We wants the redhead!"

Clue: Some scalawags would call it a booty call.

13. "We ain't going anywhere anyhow. We're kinda hung up here."

Clue: This shouldn't buffalo you.

14. "Are you ready to rock out making music-video history? Let's hit it! Hasta!"

Clue: No, it's not Terminator, but it's close.

15. "Sweetie, they won't kill you in an amusement park as long as you have a dime left in your pocket."

Clue: Yellow, but not mellow. or 407-420-5477
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