Mission: Every Disney ride in just one day

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"The physical wear and tear of basically running for 16 hours, I think, was a surprise to both of us," Tamburo says. "At the end of the night we were hobbling around like 95-year-old guys."

But finally: Would they do it again?

"If we're going to do it again, it's got to be bigger," Tamburo says. He has an eye on hitting every Disney World ride, then flying to California to go on every ride at Disneyland, all within 48 hours.

"That might be a game for a 20-year-old. … But we like a challenge," he says. or 407-420-5477

The fast friends

Ted Tamburo and Shane Lindsay have been friends for years, but they never met until just before their all-day, all-rides adventure at Walt Disney World. Their first encounter was over an old Disney message board on AOL.

"Somehow over that 18-year time span, we became friends," Tamburo says. "Oddly enough we never spoke over the phone. It was all Internet-based."

Finally meeting added to the all-rides motivation.

"It seemed like we needed a big monumental event to finally bring us together," Tamburo says.

Having a like-minded partner made it easier, Lindsay says.

"We kind of pushed each other during the course of the day," he says. "I think if it had just been me by myself I might have at a few points just given up."

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