Show goes on for trio of theme park parades

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Disney Celebrate a Dream Come True parade

The Celebrate a Dream Come True parade, which premiered in 2009, rounds the first corner onto the parade route of Magic Kingdom. (Ricardo Ramirez Buxeda, Orlando Sentinel File / April 9, 2009)

What you might wonder about: Would Disney villains really do "jazzhands"? Why do all the female dancers have the same haircut? Why does Peter Pan get to sit down throughout the route?

You'll know it's over when: The giant staircase float hauling key princesses and their mates thunders by.

Show stoppers

What: Universal's Superstar Parade

Where: Universal Studios

When: Afternoons, daily (Check park guide for exact time.)

Since when: May 8, 2012

What you'll see: The theme park's first-ever daily parade showcases four films and TV shows: "Hop," "Despicable Me," "Dora the Explorer" and "SpongeBob SquarePants." Each segment has characters and bright-costumed performers with customized props that are used when the parade halts to put on a short show.

What you might like: Dora's swinging monkey friends; the yellow, goggled, dancing minions; and the percussionists and pogo-stick guys from "Hop." (Bonus like: The floats and characters also make meet-and-greet appearances during the day.)

What you might wonder about: Why is the transition from parade to show stop so long? Is "I Want Candy" appropriate theme-park fare? Am I overthinking this?

You'll know it's over when: Dora's cargo-panted dancers sashay by. or 407-420-5477

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