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Go with the float along the lazy rivers of Orlando water parks

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Roa's Rapids at Aquatica

Roa's Rapids moves folks along faster than your average "lazy river." No tubes are allowed in the Aquatica attraction. (Jason Collier, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment / March 1, 2008)

Roa's Rapids

Where: Aquatica, SeaWorld's water park

Atmosphere: Can a lazy river be high-energy? The current of Roa's Rapids is rapid-fire. Some call it "the crazy river." Lift your feet, and it flings you near rocky obstacles and into the path of far-reaching fountains. After two rotations, I need rest.

Theming: Roa's Rapids is in the middle of the park, not on the outskirts. Outside the loop are the other Aquatica attractions; inside is a sandy seating area with private access.

Tubes: None are allowed. Life vests are encouraged — and required for guests shorter than 51 inches.

Lifeguards: Let's go with "stoic." The guards are perched high above, and they are reassuringly evident. A piped-in announcement explains that they may not make direct eye contact with you because they are busy scanning the waters. ("Nothing personal," the voice says.)

What else: Check out Taumata Racer, the eight-lane, headfirst slide.

Loggerhead Lane

Where: Aquatica, SeaWorld's water park

Atmosphere: It's a smaller, more traditional lazy river with an unusual design. It doubles as an entry and splashdown area for the big-bowls ride called Tassie's Twisters. This causes congestion.

Theming: Aquatica's animal interaction is at play. On the back of Loggerhead Lane, there are two options. One takes tubes past a big aquarium of colorful fish, and the other goes under a waterwall to a viewing area of the Commerson's dolphins that frolic along the tube of the park's Dolphin Plunge ride.

Tubes: One- and two-seaters, clear blue and yellow with blue markings.

Lifeguards: Same stance as at Roa's Rapids, though it's difficult to look terribly tough with dolphins in the background.

What else: It's near the Banana Beach Cook-out, which features an eat-all-day option.
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