Walking Dead: Dead Inside haunted maze during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood

Walking Dead: Dead Inside haunted maze during Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood (Universal / September 10, 2012)

Turning a corner, we suddenly enter downtown Atlanta. A 14-foot-long military tank stands before a row of apartment buildings, recreating a scene from the TV show. Walkers bend down on their knees to eat the entrails of a half-eaten horse. Down the alley, a zombie horde carrying body parts and intestines awaits.

Stepping from the city into the woods, we come upon a walker eating a deer and another hanging from a tree before stumbling on to a campfire scene. Whatever you do, don't touch the clothesline of tin cans strung between two trees. The sound only alerts the zombies to our presence. Naturally, somebody in our group rattles the cans. Cue the zombies.

Inside a camping tent, we see a scareactor laying on a cot, his chest ripped open, guts falling out, being eaten alive by a zombie. "Blood" sprays from his bowels onto us. Just then, a scare hits us from our blind side.

"We call it playing the angles," Murdy said. "It's much scarier to work their peripheral vision."

In another scene involving an underground pit dug into the pavement below the maze, a scareactor pulls his guts out while sitting next to a water well. Another walker emerges from behind a fence sending us fleeing into the final scene.

Inside Hershel Greene's barn, where the survivors took refuge on the TV show, we race through a gauntlet of a half dozen zombies popping out of horse stables. But don't let your guard down once you reach the exit.

"That's a great time to scare them," Murdy said. "You want to send them out screaming."

Halloween Horror Nights 2012 at Universal Studios Hollywood will run on September 21-22 and 28-29 and October 5-7, 12-14, 18-21, 25, 26-28 and 31.


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