The GateKeeper winged roller coaster is coming to Ohio's Cedar Point in 2013.

The GateKeeper winged roller coaster is coming to Ohio's Cedar Point in 2013. (Cedar Point / December 19, 2012)

RiverRush water coaster at Dollywood's Splash Country water park will carry riders in a toboggan up a 237-foot-tall conveyor belt before plunging them down a 25-foot drop at a 45-degree angle.

Schlitterbahn Kansas City -- Meg-a-blaster speed slide

The Meg-a-blaster speed slide coming to Schlitterbahn Kansas City in 2013 will be the tallest and fastest water ride of its kind. While few details have been released, Meg-a-blaster will top the 135-foot-tall and 65 mph Insano slide at Beach Park in Brazil, the current record holder.

Holiday World -- RhinoBlaster slide tower

The RhinoBlaster complex coming to Indiana's Holiday World water park will feature a series of four in-the-dark inner tube slides, including one with a half-pipe element.

Six Flags America & Six Flags New England -- Bonzai Pipelines

The Six Flags water parks in Maryland and Massachusetts will add six-slide Bonzai Pipeline complexes, with each rider starting in a drop pod tube with a trap door floor.


Alton Towers -- Secret Weapon 7

Alton Towers has announced plans for a new "world's first" thrill coaster in 2013 dubbed Secret Weapon 7. The British park has announced that one lucky contest winner will join the SW7 design team in dreaming up plans for the new coaster. The last Alton Towers secret weapon, the family-oriented Thirteen vertical drop coaster, debuted in 2010. Photos

Etnaland -- New theme park

The Etnaland water park in Italy plans to add a theme park that includes a Twist N Splash teacup ride with water cannons, a haunted dark ride, a drop tower and a Mack Mega Lite launched coaster. Known as The Storm, the 105-foot-tall Etnaland coaster will feature a 70-degree first drop and a heartline roll inversion.

Tusenfryd -- Prosjekt Mjolner dark ride

Norway's Tusenfryd will introduce Prosjekt Mjolner in 2013, an $8-million interactive dark ride named after Thor's hammer and based on a story from Nordic mythology.

Gardaland -- Raptor: Genetix

Italy's Gardaland plans to release a series of five online animated web-comics as a yearlong tease to a new attraction called Raptor: Genetix. Ride speculation centers on a companion attraction to the Raptor wing coaster that incorporates a similar creature and egg back story. Gardaland's British sister park Alton Towers recently created a similar companion attraction called Nemesis: Sub-Terra.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach -- Wallace & Gromit's Thrill-O-Matic

Set to open in 2013, the $7.8-million Wallace & Gromit Thrill-O-Matic dark ride at Britain's Blackpool Pleasure Beach will whisk visitors through the world of the eccentric cheese-eating inventor and his anthropomorphic dog. Photos

Djurs Sommerland -- Juvelen launched coaster

Denmark's Djurs Sommerland will introduce an Intamin multilaunch motorbike coaster called Juvelen (or "Jewel" in Danish) that will be themed as off-road quad bikes dashing through the jungle.