C. Basic rights but still as part of Britain

D. Better quality tea than what was being shipped to them

5. The colony (state) that abstained from voting (see Question 2 above) did so because

A. It said it didn’t have permission to vote

B. It didn’t believe in the cause

C. It didn’t believe a new country could survive without help from the mother country

D. It feared a long and costly war would ruin its precarious economy

6. The delegates of that colony (state):

A. Never did join in with the others in voting for the Declaration

B. Did so but not until 1787, when it felt there was no more threat of economic sanctions

C. Voted to affirm on July 15

D. Slept on it the night of July 4 and came back and voted on it July 5

7. The man who wrote "A Summary View of the Rights of British America" was also the same man who largely wrote the Declaration of Independence. Who was it?

A. Patrick Henry

B. John Quincy Adams

C. Benjamin Franklin

D. Thomas Jefferson

8. After that writer was finished, members of the committee who had drafted him as the drafter added what to the document?

A. A condemnation of slavery

B. More charges against the king