'Brave' co-director, producer take up arms to promote Pixar's latest

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“But how did you do?” Andrews asked.

“Mediocre,” Francine said, shrugging.

Then the camera, a courtesy for the video-based interviewers, flipped on and Francine, quiet only a moment earlier, transformed, growing excited and animated. “You brought the sun to Chicago,” she said, gesturing to the sky. Andrews smiled. While watching the movie, Francine said, she was struck by how realistic it was! How brave it was for the princess to tell her parents how she felt about arranged marriages! “Did you do that on purpose?” she asked the filmmakers, who looked slightly unsure of what the question was, then began saying things about bravery and mythical lands, Scottish landscapes, coming of age and “internal bravery.”

This went on a while, and the soundman kept looking at the harbor, annoyed at the parade of cars and trucks rumbling close to the junket. “We’ve had every type of vehicle,” the publicist said. “Cars, small cars, big cars, postal trucks, ambulances, garage trucks.” As she explained this, comically, a fire truck pulled up.

When Francine finished, a reporter from a weekly magazineÖ arrived.

She wore skinny jeans and a black T-shirt and apologized, saying she wasn’t any good with an arrow. She asked about the bow and arrow in the movie, and Andrews said the bow and arrow is one of mankind’s first inventions besides fire and the reporter agreed, then the subject changed to the princess and Sarafian said that having her be a princess was important “because if she just herded sheep, then big deal.” Then the reporter pulled back on her bow and fired at the target and — thwack — came incredibly close to the center.

“You lied!” Andrews said.

She smiled and shot another. Same thing.

“Impressive,” Andrews said, then: “Let’s end there, on a high note.” The reporter shook hands with the filmmakers and walked off. “Wait,” Andrews yelled, racing for her, “don’t forget your commemorative target!”



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