Flying is not for wimps

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A. Exit the plane when it is their turn.

B. Ask people in front if they can exit ahead of them.

C. Wait for the flight attendant to decide; that is his job, after all.

Answer: B. "It's up to the passenger who is in a rush to really try to plead his case here," Gilleylen says. "The flight attendants might make an announcement to let people by, but then that can be followed by 'Can you please allow me to get ahead of you?' Be polite and use manners. You'd be surprised how many people will step aside if they are asked."

Situation: Your seatmate has headphones on, yet the music is totally audible. You should:

A. Get the flight attendant involved.

B. Poke them and ask them to turn the music down.

C. Put in earplugs.

Answer: A. "In this circumstance I think it's best to get the help of an attendant," she says. Get up and discreetly ask the flight attendant for assistance, Gilleylen says. "This is their job, and that way you can stay anonymous if that is your preference. Everyone has a right to enjoy their flight. Don't feel afraid to get satisfaction."

What plane experience has had you up in arms? Or do you have better solutions? Let us know.

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