Social media keyboard shortcuts

Social media keyboard shortcuts (Getty Images)

We all have our favorite keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl+S (or Command+S on a Mac) saves, while Ctrl/Command+A selects everything. And don't forget Ctrl/Command+P to print.

There's a similar equivalent for your favorite social media websites, but you may not be as aware.

For example, you can start a new tweet by just tapping the letter n. And you can comment on a Google Plus post with the letter r. Keep in mind, these shortcuts are for, and They may not work on third-party sites or apps, but that doesn't make them any less powerful.

Here is a full list of supported shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.



n = New Tweet

f = Favorite

r = Reply

t = Retweet

m = Direct message

b = Block User

u = Unblock User

Enter = Open Tweet details

l = Close all open Tweets


? = See the on-screen shortcut menu

j = Next Tweet

k = Previous Tweet

Space = Page down