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Thanksgivukkah 101

It's a once-in-a-lifetime event that brings together two holidays, one sacred and one secular; two culinary traditions, both with a...

For Mom and Dad

Heidi Stevens: Motherhood is more feat of strength

Nadine Warner was hunkered down in a St. Louis hotel room, absorbing that singular type of heat that radiates from a feverish kid on your...

 Pros and cons of digital textbooks

Pros and cons of digital textbooks

College students who study with digital textbooks perform just as well on tests as do their peers who use print textbooks, but the digital...

What food is best for kids heading off to school?

Back-to-school time is just around the corner, and that means your child will soon be running out the door to catch the bus and waiting in...

Top 10 teacher tactics to try at home

Have you ever visited your child’s classroom and wondered how the teacher maintains order among so many children when you can’...

Senate passes student loan plan

It took an entire summer of wrangling, but students heading to college this fall won't see dramatic student loan interest rate hikes once...

Someone will choose your child's education; why not you?

This is National School Choice Week, an occasion that always makes me think back to 1976, when as a writer for my high school paper, I...

New rules could all but suspend starches from public schools

When spuds were all greasers, they deserved to get kicked out of school.

Gail MarksJarvis: For parents, the ABCs of college finance

Look at your child, and think of college.

Helping a child face, and embrace, a career

Your college sophomore shows no signs of a career track. How can you help her choose a path?

Kids learn from Social Security statements

Kids learn from Social Security statements

Some aspects of summer life never change: soaking up the sun, sipping ice cold lemonade, and listening to our kids complain about not making...

Save your wallet from college costs

If you're the parent of a first-time college student, this is the heart of buying season.

Students learn that not all debt is bad debt

With work sheets laid out on the tables, the 11 high school students looked ready to dive into their group projects.

Filling out student loan form gets easier

I think it's safe to say most high school seniors and their parents would rather sandblast the oil stains from the garage floor or rearrange...

Teaching teens to tip

You know the symptoms when the waiter delivers the bill: the sweaty palms, the frog in your throat, the brain cramps.

Web sites that foster good money skills

It's a challenge for adults to find a financial Web site for kids that offers age-appropriate information and is entertaining enough to hold...

Recession? These teenagers get it

Parents who are facing the prospect of a layoff, salary cut or health-care squeeze may be in no mood to share that information with their...

Where teens may find jobs this summer

Summer may be months away, but for teens hoping to find jobs, the time to start looking is now.

Taking the Kids -- and soaking up the holiday spirit at a theme park

Taking the Kids -- and soaking up the holiday spirit at a theme park

The Schmidts were waiting in line at 7:30 a.m., snacks and sandwiches at the ready. But they weren't hoping for a holiday deal. They just...

Taking the Kids -- Mixing American history with holiday fun in Valley Forge and Philadelphia

Like most holiday travelers, they arrived starving and exhausted.

Taking the Kids -- aboard the new Quantum of the Seas

How many WOW moments can you guarantee the kids on vacation?

Taking the Kids -- to Morgan's Rock for Thanksgiving

Jake Rothstein, 8, and his sister Maddie, 5, were on a Thanksgiving vacation at a Nicaragua resort, but nonetheless went off to school...

Taking the Kids -- to the World War II Museum

What are your 14 year olds up to?

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