Inside bicycling

Inside bicycling (Gary Friedman, Los Angeles Times)

Try it: Push your body out of the saddle using your core in a slow, controlled motion with moderate-to-heavy resistance on your bike wheel. Your hips should be back over the seat as you lightly grasp the end of the handlebars, keeping your core engaged. Keep your shoulders down and your chest open without leaning too hard on the handlebars. Bend and extend your elbows out to the side, lowering and raising your chest in a pushup position. Do this slowly and in control with moderate-to-heavy resistance on your bike. While you're doing the pushups, continue pedaling.


Why: Strengthen your triceps.

Try it: Lift out of the saddle and do a light jog, remembering to pull your knees up with each rotation. Put your hands in first position, keeping your core engaged so you don't lean forward. Stay upright with your elbows by your side, then bend and extend them (elbows still at your sides) like you're absorbing a bump. Then pulse with your arms.

Tap back

Why: This one is all about having a good time with a little biking choreography while getting your heart rate up.

Try it: Start in third position with your hands at the end of the handlebars. Your hips should be over the front of the seat as you keep your core engaged and your shoulders down. From the front of the seat, rhythmically shift your hips to tap the back of the seat, and then return your hips to the front of the seat and repeat, doing a small pelvic thrust in time to your music. Return your hips to the front of the seat and repeat.

Mini arm routine

Why: You'll get a complete upper-body workout that strengthens and tones your arms, shoulders and back.

Try it: Grab 1- to 5-pound hand weights and hold the weights while you sit up straight and tall on the bike with your core engaged. You should be biking throughout the exercises with medium resistance at the pace of a moderate climb. Do each exercise 32 times.

Biceps curls: Holding the weights with your hands facing up, raise the weights toward your shoulders. Slowly lower down, keeping your core engaged, your back straight and your elbows still.

Chest press: Lifting the weights to chest level, hands holding the weights facing away, keeping your elbows bent. Slowly push the weights away from your body and then pull back in, keeping your body stable by engaging your core.

Chest fly: Hold the weights out in front of your body, hands holding the weights toward each other. Move your hands slowly toward and away from each other as you squeeze your chest.

Shoulder press: Start with the weights at shoulder height with your forearms up at 90 degrees. The weights should be at about the height of your head. Press the weights up over your head, keeping your elbows and wrists stacked one over the other. Lower to your starting position and repeat.

Triceps: Hold the weights behind your head with your elbows pointing forward. Raise and lower the weights by bending and extending your elbows.