Exercise apps for your smartphone

Fitness apps for your smartphone track progress and teach users new moves. From left: Endomondo Pro, Nike Training Club and Fleetly. (May 18, 2012)

As you complete missions you learn more about how the humans left in this small outpost are rebuilding civilization.

One drawback: It doesn't let you know how hard you're working to evade those zombies. This version of the app doesn't track calories burned or distance, though the next will, according to its developer.

At $7.99, the app is a rather expensive novelty, but for gamers, couch potatoes or those bored with their weekly runs, it could provide some extra incentive to move.

Fleetly (free iPhone)

For those looking for motivation to start a routine or up their game, an app with a built-in community such as Fleetly is a good place to begin.

Part workout coach, part Facebook for fitness, this app lets you track your workouts and earn fitness-level points and medals, or join specific challenges like "100 Workouts in 2012."

Here, you can track just about any kind of outdoor workout, or look up new routines for the gym, such as the "Gladiator Workout" or the "P90X Ab Ripper X" and share it with friends you've added from Facebook.

The interface lets you choose workouts by what's trending, by body part or equipment restrictions. You can also customize a workout based on its exercise library.

Of course, the interface for watching video demonstrations inside each workout routine is a little clunky, but given that it costs bupkus, who's complaining?