Radio icon Footy talks fitness (and beer)

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John "Footy" Kross became a radio icon in South Florida after joining Top 40 station "Y-100" (WHYI, FM 100.7) in 1974 and emceeing countless events through the years. He left his daily show and the station in 2006 and now hosts a Saturday sports program on "The Sports Animal" (WINZ, AM 940).

During the week, he works at Here's Help Inc., which treats drug-addicted adolescents and young adults. And it's a well-known fact that he's involved with the Wing Ding Golf Classic to benefit Here's Help. The 12th annual event takes place this year on Friday at Pembroke Pines Golf & Racquet Club, with teams of four and individuals competing. (For more information, go to

With the event just days away, he took time to answer a few questions on his fitness routine, diet and golf handicap.

Why do you keep fit?

Fear of dying!

How would you summarize your fitness regimen?

I'm anything but a health nut! I am active — that's why I'm thin. I'm not eating bananas and nuts all day. Dietary success for staying skinny and healthy includes beer.

What's your workout routine?

I'm the kind of person who is always in motion, until I sit down and start having beer.

I don't think I would be any good in a gym. I play golf with [my former radio co-host] Froggy two or three afternoons a week, and I like to get on a bike and swim around. I start the summer doing 20 laps, and by the end of summer, I do 50 laps pretty much every day.

In the winter, I ride a bike three or four times a week. I have a route around my neighborhood. Not sure how far it is, but it takes 45 minutes.

What's your golf handicap?

Me! Actually I'm probably 20.

Is golfing athletic? Do you walk the course or ride a cart?

Yeah, it's exercise. I walk from shot to shot a lot, so at the end of a round I'm sweating. Is it football? No, but it's motion.

Have you played other competitive sports?

When I was a kid, I played junior high school basketball, and played a lot of softball when I moved to Miami. Did boat racing back in the day.

Do you do any recreational activities that are fitness related?

I'm into the outdoors in general with the bike and swimming, and fishing, diving. I spearfish.