Giancarlo Stanton, MLB player

Stanton (ESPN / July 11, 2013)

Giancarlo Stanton is a physical machine.

The Miami Marlins' right fielder, once sought after by major colleges to play football, makes sure to run, lift weights and maintain his physique. In fact, he was recently profiled nude in ESPN The Magazine's "The Body" issue.

"At the end of the season, the goal is to not be completely exhausted. That's what a training regimen should be for," says Stanton, 23. "You might feel like playing every day is enough, but it's not."

Q: What's your workout routine?

A: During the season, it's after games. Pretty standard stuff. I'll take whatever [exercises] they give me in the weight room. And I run with the pitchers.

If we have a long game, or it's hot outside, you just gotta get in there [gym]. So everything is dictated by the games. If I run after a bunch of balls, or run out some doubles or triples during a game, I won't run as much the next couple of days. But if I just run to first base or jog, I'll run more. Sometimes, you can get through a whole week with taking only a few sprints. Sometimes, you can feel like you're running a marathon.

Q: And in the off-season?

A: The off-season is more weightlifting. Heavier weights. I'm usually a little heavier coming in, but you're gonna lose weight in spring training. Playing every day [during the season], our main goal is to be as quick as possible. If you lift a lot of weights, it makes you quick but it also makes you slow as you recover from it. You gotta find that happy medium and exercises that won't carry on to the next day.

Q: Tell us how you were selected for ESPN The Magazine's "The Body" issue?

A: They approached me the year before. I was a little iffy about it, so I looked into it, saw the baseball guys who did it before, asked them about it. It was really professional. It was cool.

Q: Did you or ESPN come up with the idea for gold body paint?

A: They said, "Come up with some ideas," and at first I was like, "Shoot, what the heck? I don't know nothing about this." But then I saw a body-paint thing before and thought that would be cool. And then the Atlas pose, I saw that and thought it'd be cool. And breaking the bat, I thought that'd be awesome as well.

Q: Do you have a personal fitness or sports motto?

A: There's always someone working harder than you. It don't matter how hard you work; someone's working harder.

Q: Any injuries affect your workouts?

A: I've had some hamstring issues and had to get knee surgery last year for a cartilage that broke off. Those affect you during the moment. I'm sure they'll affect me when I'm older and retired, but now they've been OK. You just build the strength back slowly and try to even them out.

Q: Do you smoke or have any other health vices?

A: No, I don't like to drink [alcohol] too much. I feel fat. It's a bad way to gain extra weight. I will — I'm not gonna lie about that — but it's not one of my hobbies. I honestly don't like beer too much. Sometimes I'll get a Corona and lime, but usually it'll be liquor if I drink.

Q: What do you drink?

A: Water. Need to stay hydrated. I just came across coconut water this year and that's worked pretty good. I didn't like the taste before. But I'm more for the benefit of what it gives you than the taste.