Dolphins CEO rides his bike for fun, fitness

Amy Beth Bennett, Sun Sentinel

For Miami Dolphins' CEO Mike Dee, cycling is both exercise and a peaceful endeavor disconnected from the hectic workday.

Dee occasionally rides on roadways, where he enjoys the camaraderie of being in a pack of cyclists, but says he prefers the vast empty parking lot at Sun Life Stadium. He regularly rides up stadium ramps as part of a cardio and muscle workout.

Under Dee's leadership, the team recently announced the Dolphins Cycling Challenge, a 170-mile ride to raise funds for the University of Miami's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. Dee's goal is to raise funds to fight the disease while keeping South Floridians like himself active.

Why do you work out?

Principally for energy. I need to be on the go all the time, and staying active and fit provides the energy I need for 20-hour days. And it's for feeling good. You feel better physically and psychologically when you're working out.

What exercises do you do?

More aerobic stuff at this point. I played a lot of basketball but now don't do many impact activities. I cycle 1,500 to 2,000 miles per year.

Why cycling?

Cycling is a safe haven. There's a peaceful serenity being on the bike. It's a great workout but also great quiet time without a BlackBerry or cell phone. I don't want to say that I haven't sent a text message from a bike, but it's rare.

South Florida roads can be dangerous for cyclists. Any close calls?

I've had a couple of scares but you have to be conscious and take chances. It's good to go in a pack. Most accidents with a vehicle occur with one or two cyclists instead of a pack.

Where do you typically ride?

We ride at the stadium quite a bit before work, where it's ultimately safe. It's not invigorating from a scenic perspective, but we can ride 40 miles around the parking lot, go up ramps to upper levels for a muscle and cardio workout. We have quite a few people who have adopted this.

Any other regular exercises?

I do some swimming. And I do more stretching than when I was young. One of these days I aspire to do yoga.

Does your family keep fit?

We're very active across the board. I have two young kids, so I'm running around with nonstructured workouts with them, playing football, baseball, swimming, horsing around. There's a certain calorie burn that all parents endure. And my wife and I are very active tennis players.

Do you have a personal fitness philosophy?

Always try to push yourself to the edge so you can walk away feeling good about the time you spent.