Keep tabs on your blood pressure; 7 signs to look for

      and lower your blood pressure naturally with regular exercise.

  --  Poor Diet -- Let's face it, we all need good nutrition to care for our

      bodies.  A diet that's high in calories, fats and sugars and low in

      essential nutrients contributes to poor health.  In addition, a diet

      that's high in salt is also a contributing factor to having high blood

      pressure.  Salt keeps excess fluid in the body that can add to the

      burden on the heart.  The American Heart Association/American Stroke

      Association recommends that you keep your sodium intake to less than

      1500 mg per day.

  --  Weight - Don't have a fear of the scale -- embrace it. Knowing your

      ideal weight for your height could help save your life and lower your

      risk for high blood pressure. Over two-thirds of American adults are

      overweight which causes excess strain on the heart, raises blood

      cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol levels. Just by losing as little

      as 10 to 20 pounds if you are overweight, can help you take control and

      lower your high blood pressure.

  --  Drinking too much alcohol -- Yes, you've had a stressful day, but is

      that extra glass of wine worth it? Heavy and regular use of alcohol can

      increase your blood pressure dramatically.  It can also cause heart

      failure, lead to stroke and produce irregular heartbeats.  If you drink,