True fans never fail to dress the part

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Argyle White Sox baseball cap, $25, available at U.S. Cellular Field. (Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune)

White Sox fans come in all shapes and sizes. Fathers, daughters, grandkids — they all have one big thing in common: team spirit. Here's a sampling from a recent visit to U.S. Cellular Field.

1) Robert Cervantes, 40, car detailer, Chicago

How would you rank yourself as a Sox fan? "Die-hard. Want to see my basement?" he says, reaching for his cell phone. "I just camcorded it. It's all White Sox."

As the video rolls on the tiny phone screen: "I've got lights, signs. The rug. Oh yeah, you've got the right guy. I've even got the dream seat (a Sox recliner). Nothing but the best. Balls, bats, gloves … I spent at least 12 grand."

Also amazing: "My wife (Virginia) is a Cubs fan. Our bedroom is one-half Cubs, one-half Sox. The minute I leave she turns my Sox stuff over. She goes to Wrigley, but I won't go with her."

2) Dwight Pawlowski, 66, substitute high school physical education teacher, Westchester, and grandson Sam Sugarman, 8, Western Springs

Do you two come to the games very often? "We've got season tickets" and sometimes travel to see the Sox play out of state.

And your thoughts on the team? "This is the worst team in the last 10 years. Look at the infield. They've got a shortstop who falls asleep. … In the outfield, you've got (Carlos) Quentin who can't catch the ball.

But you still love 'em? "I'm a Sox fan. I can't change that. It's like saying I don't like my mother. You can't do that."

Sam's take on the Sox: "The other team could be really fearsome, but I know the White Sox try really hard to win."

3) Javonne Jennings, 35, financial services, Palatine

Are you a huge Sox fan? "I love Ozzie (Guillen) — because he's cute. … It's fun to see the game close up instead of on TV. The energy from the crowd makes it better. The crowd is always amazing."

Would you rather go to a concert? "I hate concerts. They're loud and crowded and you can't really hear, and you have to stand a lot."

So baseball's better? "I think it's at the top of the entertainment scale."

4) Joy Moffitt Czech, 23, junior high music teacher, Hobart, Ind.

You're a classic! "I always dress in black and white for the game. I was a cheerleader. I know you've got to wear your colors."

Did you purposely stay away from White Sox logos? "I had a Sox sticker but I thought it looked a little frumpy."

And the perfect shoes. Did you buy them to wear to Sox games? "Probably. I've had them since ninth grade."

5) James Boyce, 24, Fed Ex driver, and son Jackson, 6 months, Hobart, Ind.

Jackson is Sox head to toe: "And I brought extras in case he throws up," says mom Erika. "Anything he changes into tonight will be Sox."

Where did James acquire his jersey? "My wife's brother, Ryan (Brennan), bought it for me. He flew in from Philadelphia to come with us because it's Jackson's first baseball game."

6) Danny Judd, 8, third-grader, Alsip

That sweatshirt's a little big: "It's mine," explains his mom, Dawn, at the game with sons Danny, Matt and Mike. "I got it for Mother's Day last year."

Will the Sox win the pennant this year? Mike Judd, 13: "If they keep playin' like this, no!" Matt Judd, 10: "Heck, yeah they're going to win. Where's your confidence, Mike?"
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