Hershaw Davis Jr.

Hershaw Davis Jr., a nurse in the ER at Johns Hopkins Hospital, is trying to eat better and exercise more, a challenge given his 12-hour overnight shifts. (Gabriella Demczuk, Baltimore Sun / June 20, 2012)

"I feel very comfortable now saying to Mr. So-and-so, 'You seem to be struggling with your weight; let's have a conversation about that. I understand your struggle,'" DesRosiers said. "It fortifies trust in the patient-physician relationship."



The Patient Promise

The pledge aims to promote healthy lifestyles among medical professionals. Its tenets include promises to:

Engage in regular physical activity

Consume a balanced and nutritious diet

Refrain from the use of harmful substances

Diminish personal stressors

Guard against prejudices against patients based on unhealthy behaviors

Respect the beliefs and traditions patients may have that affect their health

Source: Thepatientpromise.org