Amy Knappen talks to Sean Poole and his father Tim Poole about his test. (Gene Sweeney Jr., Baltimore Sun / August 10, 2012)

Towson Sports Medicine began using the computerized baseline testing in 2010 with private schools it works with. Staff members said it can help in evaluating an injury but emphasized that other testing should be used as well.

"The more information we have about how you were before you got hurt the better," said Brian Perez, head athletic trainer at Towson Sports Medicine. "Every athlete is different. One kid who has a concussion can have different signs from another kid who has a concussion."

Concussion symptoms



Difficulty remembering or paying attention

Balance problems or dizziness

Feeling sluggish

Feeling irritable or emotional

Nausea or vomiting

Double or blurry vision

Slowed reaction time

Sleep problems

Loss of consciousness