Great pairing

Barbera's acidity works with salami's fat to create a creamy sensation. (Chicago Tribune/Bob Fila)

(3 corkscrews) $18

2003 Lamoretti Colli di Parma Rosso
The wine had an earthy aroma underscored with notes of ripe berries. A bit tart, the wine's pepperiness accented the pepper in the salami and cut the fat.
(2 corkscrews) $19

2005 Pavia & Figli Barbera d'Asti Blina
Lots of cooked berry flavor with touches of earth and oak underneath. Most tasters thought the wine neither helped nor hindered the salami.
(2 corkscrews) $13

2006 Massimiliano Vivalda Barbera del Monferrato Guaragna
Slightly effervescent, with lots of bright fruity sweetness, this wine stumbled on its own and paired with the salami. The bubbles cut the salami's fat but there was little flavor boost.
(2 corkscrews) $14

(4 corkscrews) Excellent
(3 corkscrews) Very good
(2 corkscrews) Good
(1 corkscrew) Fair
(No corkscrews) Poor

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