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Applying the truth about BB creams

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 BB creams

Clockwise from left: Garnier, Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel and Revlon. (Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune / October 29, 2013)

-A few fitted (not tight) tops: ivory and colorful T-shirts or shells in cotton/silk blends, NOT low cut

-Basic white shirt

-Pullover scoop neck short-sleeve cashmere sweater

-Colorful cardigan(s)

-Basic turtleneck

-Classic trench coat

-Slim wool coat

-Riding-style boots (not Uggs)

-Gold hoop earrings

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: Can you tell me how to "pattern mix," which is so popular? I've seen it on fashion makeover shows and on the street and, frankly, it looks like those women were blindfolded and just grabbed whatever out of the closet. What am I missing?


Dear Maureen: Mixing patterns can go so wrong that I don't recommend it. Yes, you can wear stripes with florals and plaids if you stick to the same color palette. But usually it looks like a ragtag mess.

Reader rant

Remember when almost all clothing intended for wearing during cooler months was LINED?

Lately it has become almost impossible to find cool-weather dresses, skirts and pants with lining—except of course at thrift shops!

Why and when did lining get banished to the Island of Misfit Clothing Items—along with sleeves for bridal and party dresses and maternity clothes that don't make the wearer look like she "swallowed a watermelon" (as some mommies used to explain to their inquisitive kids, especially in public)?


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