Getting lippy

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"Syrup A82" by Mac

"Syrup A82" by Mac (Bill Hogan, Chicago Tribune)

Barbara: "A pleasant surprise: a somewhat longer lasting lipstick that was still moist and shiny. … Didn't emphasize lines."


Chanel Rouge Double Intensite, Rose Topaz, $34, Nordstrom,

Overall: 2 of 6 testers ranked it 1st; but 3 of 6 said it was last, or next to last.

Courtney: "Love this one! Color stayed on all day, and it felt wonderful."

Ellen: "Gloss at one end, color at the other means only one thing to carry around, not two. Don't want to lose this pricey one!"


Maybelline Colorsensational, Totally Toffee, $6.09, Target,

Overall: Highest score was 3rd place.

Brandi: "My girlfriend says it's not a going-out lipstick but a nice everyday lipstick. My husband says it smells like Play-Doh."

Courtney: "Just plain awful staying power."


Rimmel, Kate Moss, #14, $5.79, Walgreens,

Overall: 2 votes for 1st and 2 for last.

Brandi: "Love the smell and the feel of it. … I'd buy this."

Barbara: "Went on dry and then sank into lip lines. NOT a good look."


Cover Girl, Outlast All-Day Lipcolor, Blushed Mauve, $12.49 on sale for $6.99, Walgreens,

Overall: 4 of 6 testers said it was 1st runner-up, but 2 rated it last.

Ellen: "Wears about as long as Chanel at vastly less cost; the included 'moisturizing topcoat' is too much trouble."

Kristin: "Too dry to even feel comfortable."

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