Our eyes are locked on these key rings

No more missing ear buds or bottle opener with these novel key chains

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 Card keeper

A solution for a problem you didn't know you had.

Pro: Keeps your liquor store loyalty cards private

Con: Must unscrew holder to add a card

Details: Fossil, $24, Macy's, macys.com

(Bill Hogan, Chicago Tribune / August 29, 2012)

We all carry them: Our keys. To the house. The car. The bike lock. The office drawer. The gym locker. A loved one's heart. Well, maybe not that.

For some of us, our bulky key rings tell a story. If mine could talk, it would say, "I'm sure you don't know what half of these keys are for!" And that would be true.

It would say I have a dog (which explains the orange plastic tick remover), that I like to be prepared (a beat-up Swiss Army knife with a tweezers and a scissors), and that I covered a war (a spent bullet cartridge from a Beirut street). I'm not superstitious, so I can't explain the rabbit's foot.

Maybe your key ring isn't autobiographical, but why can't it be a multitasker doing something beyond just holding your keys?

I went shopping to see what double-duty key ring options were out there, and the answer is … many. Here's a half dozen, including one useful DIY that even an all-thumbs klutz can put together.



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