A peek at back-to-school shopping lists

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What's on your back-to-school shopping list?

Carly: "A good pair of shoes. You're walking everywhere. I used to wear Toms a lot. I want to do something similar."

Marina: "Cardigan sweaters, boots, skinny jeans."

Carly: "I'm going to go with leggings and loose blouses, and you've got the boots going on."

Marina: On the topic of wearing leggings: "You've got to cover your butt!" On boots she yearns for: "Riding boots are in style. Brown leather ones."

JOEL SEDLACKO, 22, graduate student

Your shopping priorities for back-to-school?

"Ink for a printer first and foremost. I usually go to Sam's Club because I buy it in bulk. And a good set of pens. (Pilot) G2 because I'm left-handed, and I discovered they don't smear. And a good coffee mug — especially if you're a grad student working part time to get you going in the morning."

JENNIFER BOTTIGLIER, 27, graduate student

Do you have a back-to-school shopping list?

"I just got accepted to graduate school, so I need new clothes — more professional because I have internships. The whole city life is new to me. Probably a suit. Business casual, whatever that is. I'll have to Google it."

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