Playing footie

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Buy them if … you want a truly hidden liner. These were my favorites, although I wish they cost half as much.

Hotsox, originals, foot liners, 6 for $16, Macy's,;

The claim: There is none on the website or packaging.

The facts: No natural fibers, 97 percent nylon; six pack includes two shades of beige; one black. One pair had a snag even before I wore it; not hidden at all in any of my flats; gel pad prevents slippage.

Buy them if … you're on a strict budget and don't care if they show. These were the cheapest in my test.

Charter Club (Macy's house brand), color match liners, 3 for $12.98, Macy's,

The claim: "Match your skin tone. … Silicone patch inside heel helps liners stay on."

The facts: No natural fibers; various shades of beige won't make them less obvious; they still show lots in all my flats.

Buy them if … you want the same thing as the Hotsox but would like to pay $1.66 more per pair.

Wolford, footsies 15, $14, Wolford,

The claim: "Completely seamless knitted footsies that disappear into all closed summer shoes."

The facts: Flimsy, slippery, hosiery-type fabric (75 percent nylon) snags easily. They are no-show with my flats. They stay on fine without a heel gel pad. Care instructions to "wash separately in a wash bag" signal way too much trouble.

Buy them if … you like to spend frivolously. Vastly overpriced.

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