Finding jeans to cover your assets

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  (Tribune illustration by Elaine Melko / April 7, 2011)

—Mr. and Mrs. D.

Dear Mr. and Mrs.: My first instinct is to tell you that at 90 you get to wear whatever you darn well please to your grandson's wedding. But that's probably not too helpful.

This much I know for sure: The wedding party and guests will be making a big fuss over you and the Mr., and it will have nothing to do with your outfits! How grand for the young couple that your wonderful example of an enduring marriage will be front and center for their big day.

You could wear a favorite dress or pretty suit with comfortable shoes because the men (maybe Mr. D. himself?) will be lining up to ask you for a dance. As for your husband, a suit or blazer and slacks with a tie will be fine.

And speaking of ties …

Dear Answer Angel: Here's something that has bothered me for years: Why in heck does a man wear a tie? He doesn't need it to hold his collar together and if he leans over, it just gets in the way (and/or attracts food stains). They're expensive, and then you have to pay to keep them cleaned. What purpose do they serve, anyway?

—Fit to Be Tied

Dear Fit: Ties are pointless, uncomfortable and magnets for spills of all kinds. But, the custom of a strip of cloth around a man's neck has been around since at least a few centuries B.C. and is here to stay.

However, more and more offices don't require ties, expanding casual Fridays to the entire week. But, when in doubt — say a job interview or business event — it's always a good idea to wear one so you're not labeled too casual, a slob or clueless.

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