Spring styles have sprung

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Brian Burrows and Bettina Kozlowski

Burrows, is 34, and Kozlowski, is 38, both are students on spring break

Any outbreaks of exuberance? Brian: "The weather! Being off school. We've gone on these epic walks." Bettina: "We've walked 30 miles in a week. Lots of people-watching."

Any shopping? Bettina: "Right now I don't want to waste my time in the stores. But I want to wear colorful clothes. Nothing black." (Heather Charles, Chicago Tribune / March 22, 2012)

A day of bountiful good weather brings out the best in (almost) all of us. Check out these cheery people in spring colors, jaunty hats and pretty flower print dresses — some acquired in sunshine-induced shopping sprees over the past few days.

Sipping on red raspberry ice tea instead of her usual hot coffee, Thongsy Singvongsa told me that when the temperatures climb, so do our spirits: "People are nicer, more friendly." I agree completely.

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