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Lifting the layers on how to drape necklaces

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Joyce W. writes: "One more option in addition to the strip lashes or those applied by a professional in a salon are the type I have worn for over 35 years. They are individual lashes that I apply myself with help from a magnifying mirror and a tweezers. They're Andrea Perma-Lash, widely available in different lengths. You would need to purchase a tube of individual lash adhesive. I use dark tone Duo, and it isn't necessary to wear eyeliner to conceal the glue. Both products are inexpensive and sold at drugstores and The lashes lay on top of your own lashes and with a little practice are easy enough to do, and they don't look Kardashian at all! They last for several weeks, although you may have to replace a few here and there. The only thing you have to be wary of is any oil-based makeup product or eye makeup removal pads. (Oil takes them off.) Just another alternative!"

Reader Rants

"Mick K. had a recent rant about black fingernail and toenail polish, said it looks 'dirty'. Well, I'd like to expand on that and add my personal rant: How about no pedi, period! Seems like every summer during sandal season we're all 'treated' to the sight of some really gross feet. The sign of some people's feet in their uncared-for state is really stomach turning! So if you're going to put your feet on display, please, please get a pedi. They're not that expensive; I go to a place that does a fine job for $20. Makes me feel like a million bucks and makes my feet look likewise!"

— Donna H.

And, finally…

Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I love your columns, but you wrote, "Me and my sister Claire …"? Really? How about "My sister Claire and I"?

— Fan Anyway

Dear Fan: Shame on me. The nuns at Immaculata High School would be unhinged by my poor grammar. And so am I.

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