You owe yourself today

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Returns with refunds:
Percentage of returns with refunds:
78.16 percent
Average refund per return:
Returns with taxes due:
20.03 percent
Average tax due per return:
*Based on Internal Revenue Service sampling figures for returns filed in 2008
Your tattered, precious clothes
Can't bear to throw out your beat-up beloved favorites? Those worn-out jeans? A baseball cap? A shredded sweater? Tell me your stories. Even send a photo! I want to know about the things you can't part with and why. E-mail me at
Lindsey Boland's Habit boutique is filled with clothing and accessories by young designers. Sometimes she stocks works on paper. These note cards are by Art Institute of Chicago grad Emily Woodworth. The wooden pen by Chicagoan Rob Curtis will make writing that IRS check a bit easier.
Rob Curtis
pen, $65
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