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Trick out that pumpkin without a carving knife

Trick out that pumpkin without a carving knife

What’s more terrifying: Handing a child a knife to plunge into a pumpkin, or wielding a hot glue gun yourself? For us at Just Kidding, it’s a draw. But this Halloween, we decided to set aside our irrational fears of crafting — along...

Scare up some fun


Pick your favorite TV Halloween special?

  • It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Glee: The Rocky Horror Glee Show
  • Friends: The one with the Halloween Party
  • How I Met Your Mother: The Slutty Pumpkin
  • The Cosby Show: 1985 Halloween episode

Halloween Treats

Photos: Black and orange foods we love

Black and orange foods you love

Good eats or strange looking fare? Your call -- but we've collected some colorful, tasty dishes (recipes included) that are black or...

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Give your menu a seasonal makeover with delicious autumn ideas. The recipes are perfection made simple so you'll have plenty of time to...

Make pumpkin spice twice as nice

DYI pumpkin spice latte

This recipe uses real pumpkin instead of syrup. So brew your own PSL: It's a small statement of independence that won't get you grounded.

Pumpkin lovers unite

Pumpkin lovers unite

For pumpkin lovers, there may be nothing better than a simple slice of a great pie. A great pumpkin pie is a thing of sheer beauty, a...