Green Passover

Greening Passover: Some tips and ideas about bringing ecological awareness to Passover. (Photo by Bob Fila)

The Jew and the Carrot, the blog documenting the "new Jewish food movement" with a focus on health and sustainability, has some thoughts about bringing ecological awareness to Passover.

Some are simple: Rather than cut flowers on the seder table, use potted plants for decoration.

Other suggestions require more effort.

In many homes, preparing for the holiday, which this year begins at sundown on March 29, means a serious cleaning to make certain no leavened products -- even crumbs -- remain in the house. The blog suggests doing that cleaning with products that don't contain harmful chemicals.

Charoset, one of the foods eaten for its symbolism, often is made with apples and nuts. The Jew and the Carrot suggests using local apples and fair-trade nuts.

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