Jim Mateja

Jim Mateja


Jim Mateja became the Chicago Tribune's automotive writer in 1970, three years after joining the paper the day after graduating from Western Illinois University. He holds a degree in education with a major in English, which he has never let stand in the way of his writing.

Mateja hired on to the business copy desk at the Chicago Tribune but began writing about cars in 1970 when his boss promised that if he took the job and did well, he would be rewarded with a promotion in two years — three tops. It was sometime in the 1990s that Mateja began to question whether the promised promotion would ever come.

His first test drive that appeared in the Tribune: the 1971 Ford Pinto.

In addition to covering the automotive beat, Mateja launched a Sunday Transportation section devoted to motorized machines of all shapes, sizes and purposes.

When not writing, Mateja spends his free time with his four grand children and, once in a while, with his wife, the bottle blond.

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