Bullish for tinto de Toro

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The wine has an earthy, peppery aroma while the flavor is smooth but peppery. Touches of cinnamon and tobacco round out a very drinkable wine. Serve with flank steak roulade, spice-rubbed pork tenderloin, ham and cheese frittata.

(3 corkscrews) $20

2004 Rejadorada Tinto Roble

Tinto roble, a variant of tinto de Toro, is used in this bottling. Earthy, peppery, with a marked mushroomy fragrance. Serve with grilled, pepper-crusted steak, chicken roasted with garlic.

(2 corkscrews) $18

2004 Carmen Rodriguez Mendez Caro Dorum Issos

Bold, peppery, dry with a hint of plums. Not as complex as some of the others. Serve with duck breast with plum sauce, grilled chorizo, salmon.

(2 corkscrews) $19

2005 Canto Petirrojo El Curato

Thin, with an extremely short finish. Dry, with notes of oak, cherry and wood. Serve with sausage pizza, bison burgers.

(2 corkscrews) $12

2004 Maurodos Prima

Big, bold, mushroomy on the finish but dry. Serve with leg of lamb, pork sandwich.

(2 corkscrews) $16

-- B.D.

Sources: These wines may or may not be in stock at your local store; inquire first. At least one of these wines was found at these stores: Binny's Beverage Depot stores, Howard's Wine Cellar, In Fine Spirits, The Wine Cellar in Palatine. Prices may vary from store to store. Prices are rounded off.

(4 corkscrews) Excellent

(3 corkscrews) Very good

(2 corkscrews) Good

(1 corkscrew) Fair

(No corkscrews) Poor



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